Is Grizzly Sanitize A Better Choice for Sanitizing Mats?

Sanitization is vital in our everyday life for maintaining hygiene and health. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the habit of sanitizing hands and surfaces has become necessary. Both inside the house and outside, you have to pay special attention to sanitization. However, it often becomes troublesome to avoid high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces. There are different methods to slow down the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Decontamination Methods

You must be familiar with the terms disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing and often use them interchangeably. Be clear that these are not the same, but different decontamination processes. The extent to which each process kills germs and viruses differs. Anyways disinfecting and sterilization is a more full-proof process in killing pathogens than sanitizing. However, it depends on the situation as to which method you would use.

Sterilization is an advanced decontamination process that only professionals should administer. It kills all the microorganisms regardless it is harmful or not. Generally, you would see it in the regular operations of hospitals. On the other hand, you don’t need trained professionals for disinfecting. You can use disinfectant products with precaution and leave the surface untouched for the prescribed time. Therefore, it is best to store a few sets of mats when leaving one pair to disinfect. You can use the others meanwhile.

What Is Grizzly Sanitize?

Among other disinfecting products, you should have sanitizing mats to reduce the risk of germs and virus exposure. A company like Ultimate Mats is bringing affordable commercial floor-mats of high quality. They have teamed up with top mat manufacturers and suppliers in the USA to achieve customer satisfaction. You can even get custom logo mats and get a fast response with excellent customer service.

In normal circumstances, specific work environments demanded the use of sanitizing mats. Right now, it is just more than necessary in public spaces. Recently, a new type of sanitizing mat called Grizzly sanitize has come to the market. It is more effective than traditional sanitizing mats.

How Does It Fare Compared to Other Sanitizing Mats?

The features that prove that Grizzly sanitize is a better choice –

  • No spilling – Most of the other sanitizing mats have open trays filled with sanitizing solutions. It is natural that when you step inside, the liquids spill outside or splash. Unlike them, Grizzly sanitize is a sponge-like mat made of premium nylon which retains the solution in its fabrics.
  • No barrier issues – It uses a hard-ramped vinyl cart edge to avoid any barrier. So, there is no restriction in mobility.
  • Very efficient – Grizzly Sanitize can start working with only 2 liters of sanitizer.
  • Suitable for different shoes – You don’t have to submerge your leg up to ankles to sanitize. The Grizzly sanitize is just 1/4″ thick. You can easily walk through with street shoes.
  • A complete set of wet and dry mats – You don’t have to search for a dry floor mat or soil the floor. The solution is at your feet.
  • It is more durable.
  • Choose your size – You can get a custom size to fit your need.
  • With so many benefits, you should try out the product and keep yourself and others safe.

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