Ways To Earn Real Money By Publishing Music On Digital Music Channels

The main objective of any music artist is to take his music to more and more people and make money from it. However, it is a little tough for any new music artist to establish in this competitive field.

There are several online streaming services and music stores that provide an opportunity to budding music artists to showcase their talent to large groups of people. The key for a musician to make more money is to publish music on several major music channels such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc..

Let us learn some easy ways that will help you increase revenue generation from the sale of your musical composition.

Why Do You Need To Distribute Your Music?

The fundamental benefit that you gain by distributing your music to key digital streaming platforms, as well as music stores, is access. You get an opportunity to show your composition to a wider set of audience. To get discovered, it is important to get listed in playlists that will help you earn money.

MusicDigi is a trusted platform that provides a platform for music artists to put music into popular online stores and streaming services. These include Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, and many more.

Digital Streaming Revenue

Digital streaming has become very popular in the UK for the last two decades. Spotify pays music artists an average of 0.00437p for every music stream. It is a simplified way to obtain greater exposure. This channel facilitates you to gain money that includes live events. Choose MusicDigi to get your music on Spotify and generate revenue.

Music artists should pitch their music to Spotify playlist and share their Spotify on blogs and other social networking places. In time, the Spotify algorithm may find that your streams are increasing.

The result is that you may even appear on Top Recommendations, Discover Weekly, and Official Spotify playlists. MusicDigi is a trusted and reputed platform using which you can sell your music on Amazon.

The new Spotify tool enables you to submit the forthcoming material to Spotify officials. Promotion on Spotify is quite easy and you can do it all on your own.

When your music gets listed in a major playlist, you can start generating a large number of music streams quickly that eventually will lead you to receive payment. This platform helps you put your music on Tidal and start earning money.

Live Performance

Several music fans love listening to live performances of their artists. Gigging is a lucrative component of the music industry. Find opportunities to perform at a live concert, during festivals, and other live events.

You can earn by making money from the sale of tickets online. You can even amass copyright royalties for music performance. MusicDigi is the best platform to sell your music on iTunes and a broad range of online streaming services and music stores.

YouTube Revenue

In this digital area, music artists are getting several innovative means to get their music in the public. This enables them to generate money from loyal listeners and fans all across the world. One of these platforms is YouTube.

It works with music artists throughout the world for making money and helping them earn more. All that an artist needs is to put his music via the third-party distributor that will in turn submit it to YouTube.

In this way, it can gather money from YouTube premium and advertisements. If you want to get your music on Deezer and other key digital streaming devices then choose MusicDigi.

There is one more way in which the music artist can make money through YouTube. They can begin creating content on their own that will generate a continuous flow of income. Using this channel, you make money based on the engagement of the audience on your ad both before and during the video.

It is going to be more if several people are watching your ad. To create more engagement, a business needs high-quality content. The addition of Q&A’s and other creative things can also help to create more engagement among them. MusicDigi is easy to use and legitimate service that helps you upload and sell music online.


Crowdfunding is a way to make a large amount of money from a small contribution from your supporters and fans throughout the globe. To do this, you will need to set a target of how much you would want to earn within a specified timeframe.

If you meet the goal, then you will get all the amassed money that you have collected, else you will need to refund the contributions received to individual contributors.


Earlier it was difficult for an independent music artist to obtain a steady income. Now there are several platforms available that enable you to expand your follower list, distribute, monetize, and sell your music. So, you should capitalize on this opportunity to begin bringing in money quickly.

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