Use these Tips to Rightly Fix Chandelier at Perfect Height

While buying a chandelier the main problem arises when you need to fix it. Often the height of the chandelier isn’t right and thus it won’t give perfect light effects or will be a mismatch with the rest of the décor. 

No worries as this kind of issues arise with most of the lighting fixtures that is usually fixed to the ceiling. You just need to choose the right heighted chandelier from sellers having more products of all kinds of chandeliers suitable to the height require that suits your room décor. 

Here are few tips to fix your chandelier at perfect height:

  • It all depends upon the lighting effects of the chandelier. Thus, while fixing the height, it is best to keep it at various heights to get maximum brightness thrown by the lights. Once you have compared then can fix the chandelier permanently at the required height. 
  • Mostly large size vintage chandeliers having rope to fix looks appropriate for heighted ceilings. While in modern flats a small or moderate chandelier having top base is chosen to fix closely with the ceiling. This is because the ceiling height of the apartment is less.  
  • Now, if you are planning to have small pendant chandelier over your study table or dressing table or in the corner of the room the requirement to hang it at the right height is quite mandatory. This is because the hanging of the light system at proper height gives the required effect fully. Moreover, it enhances the appearance of the room space. No need to worry as you will know the height by adjusting the height of filled balloon tied to a big rope. That helps to know the perfect height suitable for you to work under the chandelier. 
  • At the least maintain 30 inches to 36 inches height from the surface of the table for you to sit and work comfortably. In kitchen usually it is preferred to hang multiple pendant chandeliers to make the whole place look cozy. Moreover, the cooking and dining space really looks awesome when only few chandelier lights are on. The height of the chandeliers can be equal or long and short as per the preference.
  • Over dining table, you need to keep it lower if you love to have traditional classical décor otherwise little far from the table or few pendant chandeliers hanging at different height will look really nice and will be an evergreen trendy décor. 
  • The whole hanging of the chandelier depends upon the size as well. Moderate size chandelier is designed to suit modern style homes. These will not look good if hanged lower whereas mega size chandeliers of any style looks stunning while hanging down from large strong chains. 

It is best to get suggestions of the technicians fixing the light fixtures as their experience is sure to be of great help. You can even search for websites that sell varied kinds of chandeliers like to know the best height suitable to fix your newly bought light fixtures. Thus, have your chandelier fixed at the right height to enhance the breathtaking look of your rooms.

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