What Tattoo Artists Should Know About A Tattoo Liability Insurance

Liability insurance refers to insurance that is created to protect from any claims and damages that resulted in any action (controlled or uncontrolled). Every type of service provider, professionals and workers can be prone to mistakes and accidents. Surely when you mention professionals, artists are not in your mind like tattoo artists for example. They make tattoos and when you think about it if they do make mistakes its more of a permanent thing.

Although for tattoo artists and companies relating to the industry it’s optional, it shouldn’t be and you should not have any second thoughts on having one. Why? Because it’s your protection. And you will never know when you will need one. When something bad will happen (hopefully not) you will be glad that you got a tattoo liability insurance.

It’s a customized service: Although the insurance industry is a multimillion industry and you would think that people that are managing it are either wolves or sharks, you have to give them props though, since the service that they offer is not mediocre. Depending on your needs, your insurance can be customized and tailored fit according to your needs. This ensures that you will get the best support possible that can address your needs. But of course, you also have to consider that the more premium the services are, the more costly it can be. But, if you have more people to cover, the cost will be less of a headache.


Who is the service ideal for: It’s a no brainer that a tattoo artist should have liability insurance. But don’t you know that liability insurance in the tattoo industry isn’t just for tattoo artists? Its also for everyone that is involved in the tattoo industry as a whole. From the tattoo artists, the studios and the wholesalers. Below are the usual things that are covered and are mixed and matched according to someone’s needs:

For artists:

  • Tattoo Art
  • Tattoo Removal (Only trained and qualified tattoo removal experts are covered)
  • Body Piercing

For studios it covers

  • Public Liability insurance
  • Treatment Risk insurance
  • Product Liability insurance
  • Employers’ Liability insurance
  • Business Equipment insurance
  • Business Contents insurance
  • Business Buildings insurance
  • Business Interruption insurance
  • Stock insurance
  • Legal Expenses insurance
  • Transit insurance
  • Cyber insurance

For wholesalers it covers

  • Machinery breakdown
  • Damage caused by forklift trucks
  • Stock deterioration
  • Damage for goods in transit
  • Contingent Liability risks

Liability insurance is one of the most needed insurance around for any individual that offers services to companies. This is because it protects companies from major lawsuit settlements that can potentially put them out of business. There is a saying “I’m only human” and that has always been the case if people are making mistakes. Because humans were never made to be perfect. Humans were made to commit mistakes and learn from them. Although people would wish that those mistakes don’t happen when they are working and in a tattoo artists case, in a customer, it does happen. That’s why it pays to have insurance.

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