Do You Know About Perioral Dermatitis and How You Can Care Your Skin?

There are many different kinds of skin conditions and their method of identifying may not be the same especially if it is due to inflammatory skin conditions. In fact, few diseases are there which can have overlapping causes and symptoms and may need different treatments.

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What actually is perioral dermatitis?

This is certain type of inflammatory skin condition which may affect our face. It is called perioral meaning it occurs “around the mouth.” Its intensity may vary, but it can be painful too.

Few mild cases may result in patches that can be slightly bumpy, red, and irritating looking skin, sometimes with mild flaking, like angry skin goatee.

If it gets more severe, then skin becomes quite inflamed, with scabs and flakes, which can bleed and also become infected. These inflamed patches at any point, may feel tight or itchy.

Since Perioral Dermatitis acts like acne, frequently it is poorly understood, misdiagnosed and often quite troublesome to treat.

What can cause perioral dermatitis?

Symptoms of perioral dermatitis can arise due to fluctuating circumstances that is quite unique to every patient, like fever that can be a symptom of many diseases. In few cases, however the cause of this problem is fairly clear like:

  • During intense stress
  • Using steroid creams
  • During pregnancy

However, for many patients, the symptoms can be due to a combination of factors, which can push our skin into a state of distress.

Following are few most common reasons of perioral dermatitis:

  • Use of steroid creams on face
  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Using steroid inhalers for children
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste, laundry, hair care and skin-care products
  • Higher stress
  • Immune function
  • Diet

If you have got perioral dermatitis, following can make it further worse or may trigger flare-ups:

  • Over-exfoliation
  • Heavy oils and creams
  • Topical antibiotics
  • Excessive drinking of coffee
  • Cinnamon flavoring
  • Stress
  • Monthly fluctuations of hormone or pregnancy
  • Inflammatory diet

Few skin care products for perioral dermatitis

Although each case for perioral dermatitis can be unique as per individual skin however there are few general guidelines available for skin care while finding any right product for you.

However, one most important thing will be to keep all the list of ingredients simple, so that you do not end up bombarding your skin by using any potentially irritating type of ingredients.

1.Face wash:

You must always skip any harsh surfactants e.g. SLS. Try to look for simple or minimal ingredient type face washes so that you are very unlikely to come in contact with any irritating active.

In case you have oily skin, then black clay may help you to treat your oily parts without causing irritation to your inflamed parts. Those who have dry skin may look for manuka honey or colloidal oat.

2.Moisturizers or treatments:

Try to look for ingredients which can help soothe or repair your skin barrier. Few include:

  • Phytoceramides
  • Colloidal oat
  • Naturally derived fatty-acids
  • Manuka honey
  • Different antioxidants, e.g. vitamin E/vitamin B3.

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